About Us


Our commitment to quality means that all of our apps and the supporting web based systems are built using the latest intelligent technologies that will revolutionize ground transport and interconnect all parts of business.

Quality Assurance

The latest in mobile and web technologies are employed to deliver critical information effectively. All dispatch and reservation systems are world class and are configured to work in any location in the world.

Price Guarantee

Since all of the services and technologies are free for airlines, UTWiz is a win-win for them as they are assured of quality of service and transparency and availability of critical information. Ground transporters benefit from improved efficiencies that impact costs, lower operational budgets, and increased business from additional airlines.

Software as a Service

Cloud computing is used to deliver live crew location data to airlines, and to access any changes in schedules. By deploying cloud computing, UTWiz is able to instantly update ground transporter systems.

Ground Transporter Affiliations

Airport ground transport affiliates are carefully selected based on their track record with airline crew transfers. They are introduced to the UTWiz software and automation is achieved in a matter of days. Ground transporters with established software systems are connected via an API to exchange reservation and location data in real time.

Management Solutions

Data collected from daily operations is compiled, processed, and converted into relevant reports that help management of airlines, hotels and transport companies to make informed decisions. A dashboard provides a daily snapshot of important metrics to all users.