Transporters get schedules auto-converted into reservations

Driver App

Driver App

Drivers accept and complete jobs, connect with dispatchers and crew members. They are able to make changes to the jobs, and add extra passengers, extra wait times or stops

Transport Portal

Transport Portal

Mangers or dispatchers use a web-based reservation and dispatch system to receive airline reservations (converted from schedules) and run operations. They manage vehicles and drivers on this system.

Scheduling System

Scheduling System

The pain point of expanding your crew business is managing and converting schedules into reservations. UTWiz knows how to convert a 100 airline schedules received in any format.

An Integrated Solution. A smart and connected system for superior service.


UTWiz promoters have decades of experience in providing cutting edge technology for transport. This technology helps dispatchers and accountants by integration of reservations and invoicing on a single platform.


Our web-based live portal provides you with auto-scheduling, pre and live dispatching and invoicing. Business intelligence on a dashboard includes tracking wait times of crew at airports.


Our apps are custom built for a generation used to tapping on their phones to hail their transport. We connect your passengers to your drivers and vehicles in the easiest possible way.


Get to know what your passengers think of their transport experience. Build your crew business by acting upon crew feedback that is also reported to their airline manager.


UTRover App

Drivers benefit because their hours of works and completed jobs are recorded. They do not have to wait unnecessarily as the pick-up time is adjusted to changing flight schedules.

UTCrew App

Crew enjoy not having to wait for their rides. They use the app to ask for pick-up and can then tap to tell their driver that they are at the pick-up point. They are happy to rate your great service.

CrewzIt App

When you sign up with us, your airport rides are visible to crew members using the CrewzIt app from Hotel Connections. Hotels, schedules and transport makes CrewzIt a complete crew app.

Auto Scheduling

for Accuracy

We bring schedules into UTLite, so you directly view crew reservations on the Current Rides page, without having to deal with schedule entry. Connectivity with flight trackers ensures that any change in the schedule is auto updated.

Auto-IROP Handling

for Efficiency

A change in airline schedule is shown as an alert on the dispatch screen and so even during IROPs, a driver can immediately be moved to the next job, and the crew pick-up is easily scheduled at the new time.

Live Tracking

and Monitoring

Tracking data may be sorted by airline, by flight number, or by the reservation number, and all information is recorded for any future references. Your driver location is available to airline managers.


Web Tools to Manage Crew Transport

Dispatch and management software

Drivers log in at the start of their shift and receive all crew jobs on this app. Drivers complete jobs and are able to rate the ride. Once they accept a job, the vehicle may be tracked by the relevant crew members and airline managers.

Dispatchers are able to send out jobs, track and communicate with drivers.

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