Los Angeles Airport and UTWiz Technologies roll out curb management technology

utwiz at lawa airport

Los Angeles Airport Authority (LAWA), the aviation authority for the nation’s second largest city and hub of one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the world, successfully launched a pilot program with UTWiz Technologies as it works to manage the limited terminal curb space and traffic congestion at their TBIT Terminal.

Airlines and passengers looking for their transport provider at TBIT will now walk up to an Airport Kiosk or TV Monitor to hail their transport company. In an effort to reduce traffic congestion and free up curb space, registered transport companies will download UTWiz’s UTRover app to receive their passenger hail. The solution brings airline crews, tour groups, shuttle bus operators, and dispatch operators together on a common mobile platform.

With major construction reducing available space, managing curb space is essential to the efficient running of an airport.

Landside Curb Management 

A completely integrated reservation, dispatch, and reporting system for all airline crew and charter passengers being picked up at the TBIT Curb Front. The solution also includes a Driver App, Crew / Passenger App, LAWA Supervisor App, LAWA Kiosks & Monitors, and Airline & LAWA Online Dashboards.

The software alerts the driver when the passengers are ready for pickup which reduces traffic congestion and avoids the vehicle sitting and waiting curbside in anticipation of the passenger exiting the terminal. It also notifies the passengers with the curb assignment of their vehicle that will pick them up, improving the passenger experience with the efficiency of allowing them to wait indoors until their vehicle arrives instead of waiting in an open parking lot with no facilities.

LAWA can monitor where all the vehicles and drivers are via GPS, ensure operators are following LAWA airport permit policies, and gathers important data such as time it takes to get from airport entrance, pick up the passenger, any load time and capture the time when vehicle leaves the airport. LAWA will have full visibility of where all the commercial vehicles are located to better manage landside operations.

The airlines have access to an online dashboard and crew app which provides the same functions as the kiosk and will break down all of the date into useful reports for the airline to better manage their operations. Crew can use the TBIT facilities and rest while their vehicle makes its way to the curb front.

The transport operators now have their own dispatch solution so they can better manage their business and know when to send a vehicle to the airport. Previously the operators would just send the vehicle to the parking lot where it would wait for multiple hours until the crew came out; that no longer happens. The operators receive real time data and know exactly when they should send a vehicle to the airport.

As a next step, Google Waze Beacons technology is in the process of being implemented to improve the airport traffic, allowing Google Maps to differentiate between the upper and lower roadways at the airport, which currently it cannot do. This is yet another step to improve the passenger experiences with accurate ETA’s.