Airline managers get transport wait times at every location

Crew App

Crew App

Pilots and crew use the UTCrew app available for FREE on iPhones and Androids. On this app crew locate their driver, get details, tap to e-hail their vehicle to the curb, and send feedback.

Airline Portal

Airline Portal

Airlines view transport wait times for crew at each station, they see transport metrics on a dashboard and view crew feedback. The airline portal covers contracted transport and hotel shuttles at every station.

Schedule Management

Schedule Management

Getting each transporter and hotel to understand your schedule and implement on-time pick-ups is an issue for station managers. UTWiz has the expertise and the automation to push transport reservations.

Reduce wait times at airports. Track hotel shuttles and charter rides


UTWiz has been at the forefront of providing airlines with innovative mobile technology for transport. This technology provided to transporters and hotels for a complete solution.


Our web-based live portal provides you with business intelligence of wait times at different airports. Tracking enables you to get a bird’s eye view of your mobile staff.


Our apps are custom built so that your crew just has to tap on their phones to hail their transport. Reduce crew wait times for transport in the easiest possible way.


Get to know what your crew think of their transport experience. Award transport contracts based on shorter wait times and positive crew feedback for transporters.


UTCrew App

Crew are able to view contracted transport and hotel shuttles on the same app. They are able to say that they are ready for pick-up, they can view vehicle location and connect with their driver.

CrewzIt App

If your airline is registered on the CrewzIt app from Hotel Connections, they will be able to view transportation that is connected to UTWiz. Both hotel shuttles and chartered rides are tracked by UTWiz for the CrewzIt app.


View transportation at all of your airports at once location. On the dashboard, find average wait-times for each location, and for each hotel or transporter.

White Labeling

for Brand Identity

We white label our mobile app for crew and customize the look and feel of your airline. Your airline will benefit from our domain expertise.


for Efficiency

UTWiz converts flight schedules into transportation reservations to avoid manual inputs, and your changing schedules are updated into the dispatch screen.

Monitoring System

for Safety

Add another layer to crew safety by providing them with the driver name and vehicle number, and then tracking their ride at any location that your airline flies to.


Web Portal for Airline Managers

Management tools for airport supervisors

Airline managers use this web based portal to get a visual overview of transportation activity of flight crew at every location that the airline operates in. Historical data for every transport for every airport is recorded and is available for review.

Airport supervisors gain an insight into crew movement for their airport

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