Coach companies save time and effort in customer service

Passenger App

Passenger App

Coach bus passengers use the UTGo app available for FREE on iPhones and Androids. On this app passengers are able to locate their bus while waiting at a stop and can send feedback for any ride.

Bus Company Portal

Bus Company Portal

Transporters are able to view live bus locations on a map, and are able to reduce calls from passengers by giving them this free tracking app. They reduce wait times at stops and increase passenger leisure time.

Security Advantages

Security Advantages

Passengers get the bus number and driver details beforehand so they do not get on to the wrong bus. They do not have to walk around searching for their bus location as they get walking route to the bus.

Reduce wait times at bus stops. Track coach buses easily to reduce stress


Start your day on a positive note – make your commute for work or leisure a great one. No more worrying about missing the bus, or waiting for too long for the bus to arrive.


Get your passenger bus driver’s name and number on the app. Connect with them in case of any emergency or for lost items, etc.


Your passenger bus app is connected to the driver’s app so that you are able to view the bus location on a map along with an accurate ETA for your stop.


If you have something to say about your ride then send in your feedback for any bus or service related issue and the transport desk will respond.

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