Drivers use the UTRover app to accept and complete crew jobs, and to update ride details.
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Jobs linked to Schedules

Do not wait endlessly for a flight to land, your job is updated on the app as soon as an airline changes its schedule for arrival or departure.

Achieve Transparency

By using the UTRover app, you allow the crew to locate you. This cuts down on delays as it is easy for crew to board your vehicle on time.

Stop Circling

Airport terminals have limited curb space, and you can relax and wait comfortably at a holding or parking lot till your crew e-hails you.

Get Route Pre-filled

You do not have to type while driving – tap a button on the app to see your current route on Google™ maps with the destination pre-filled.

Organize Your Day

View a list of all jobs pre-assigned to you and view ride details. Accept or reject live rides that are assigned to you by a dispatcher.

Ongoing Evolution

As business and technology develops, we keep updating the UTRover driver app with new features and functionalities to improve your work-day.