Hotel, School, and University bus drivers use the UTShuttle app to select route, select stops, board and un-board passengers, maintain job records.
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Job Listings

All regular and scheduled jobs are listed on the app, you do not need to maintain records of any scheduled or special runs

Achieve Transparency

By using the UTShuttle app, you allow passengers to get an accurate arrival time at the shuttle/bus stop – and improve their transport experience.

Passenger Count

When a passenger requests a ride, you get to see how many passengers you have to pick up at what stop – this means fewer calls.

Select Stops

Once you select a route, you have the flexibility to select the stops for the route. You may stop at all stops, or you may select as few.

Better Service

When you register on the UTShuttle app, you passengers (students, parents, crew, staff) are able to recognize you and they know you name.

Ongoing Evolution

As business and technology develops, we keep updating the UTShuttle driver app with new functionalities to improve your service standards.