Transport desk reduce incoming phone calls for shuttles

Student App

Student App

Shuttle bus users download the free UTGo app available on iPhones and Androids. Our technology improves the student shuttle experience and saves time that is otherwise spent in waiting for a bus to arrive.

University Portal

University Portal

Transport desk staff are better able to view live bus locations on a map, and are able to provide accurate ETA to students that call up to enquire. The number of calls for shuttle will go down as students can request on the app.

Security Advantages

Security Advantages

Students do not have to wait outside for their shuttle up until it is a minute away. Technologically aware students use the shuttle service more frequently as they do not have to call to book a ride.


Using the FREE UTGo app, students can view and track the location of their University’s Shuttle bus eliminating the need to wait outside more than needed. Real-time shuttle bus tracking means less wait times on the curb.  It’s convenient and easy to use.

Alerts can be sent to students during inclement weather, late University openings, early closing, planned bus outages, special events or activities. Innovation providing piece of mind and transparency.

Operational Dashboard

Management and Shuttle Bus Operation teams access real-time fleet tracking with live vehicle locator.  Monitor operational performance by run, route, driver, time of day, day of week, and length of travel times.  Track ridership statistics and usage data to make informed decisions about routes needs and frequency of service

Create canned messages for students using the UTGo app to advise of stop changes due to road construction and/or temporary street closures.

Dashboard reports can be customized to serve your University’s needs.


University transport organizers have the rider statistics and usage that helps them to make informed decisions about routes and frequency of service.

Student Safety and Security

Knowing when your bus is due to arrive adds another layer of safety and security for students, especially those attending early morning or late evening classes.

Reduce wait times at bus stops. Track University Shuttle buses for pick-up and drop-off.


Use UTGo and start your day on a positive note – make your commute a great one! No need to worry about missing the bus or getting stressed because of long waits for the bus to arrive. Students also have the ability to e-hail their shuttle bus for personalized pick ups.

Emergency Contact & Lost and Found

The UTGo app has the ability to provide drivers and/or the Operation’s team a contact number in the event of an emergency situation or to advise of a lost and found item. Canned messages can also be created.


With UTGo your University’s bus app is connected to the Driver’s app which provides your bus’ location on a map along with an estimated time the bus will arrive at your bus stop.


With UTGo students can provide their feedback for any bus safety or mechanical issues to the Operation’s team so that corrective action can be taken.

UTGo works best on these smartphones – click on button to get a list