HOTEL Guests and Airline Crew members use our apps
to track their Hotel Shuttles.

Hotel managers track vehicles and manage feedback

Hotel Dashboard

Hotel Dashboard

A Web based portal enable hotel management to monitor their hotel shuttle vehicles at all times, while providing operational tools to better plan and manage their complimentary Shuttle services.

Do away with manually entering Airlines’ flight schedule – Flight schedules are automatically converted and loaded.

Our App helps your Hotel Improve Service delivery.

Hotel Guest App

Hotel Guest App

Your Hotel Guest’sexperience begins the moment  the Guest calls your front desk for their complimentary shuttle.  Waiting indefinitely at the curb, without knowledge of where or when the shuttle is due to arrive causes undue stress.    Give your Guests happy and satisfied, offer them an innovative way to communicate with your hotel.  Our Gguest and Ccrew apps, the makes that first experience is a positive one.

UTGo – Hotel Guest App

Our Apps are user-friendly, they provide transparency and visibility.  More importantly, they offer the Hotel Guest convenience and a stress-free way to utilize the Hotel’s complimentary shuttle service.  Our apps Reduce the calls to your front desk, confusion of where and how to locate the shuttles and improve the overall Guest experience. A Happy Guest, is a repeat Guest!

Many of your hotel guest’s hospitality experience begins from the time your guest calls for your hotel shuttle. Our solution can provide the VIP first class experience that you would like to offer your guest from the start. It eliminates the need for airport pickup calls to your front desk staff from guest, provides your guest the needed pick up location information at the airport and provides your staff with the needed pick up information while notifying the guest when the next hotel shuttle will be arriving.  It provides your front desk staff the ability to have GPS on each of your shuttles as well as providing your staff the # of guests needing pickup and guest arriving the hotel. Our technology provides the support and automation needed to provide that VIP service your guest deserves and removes the guessing game being played today with many hotel transportations.

UTWiz’ s technology is already being used by flight crew members of many major airlines including, United, American, Delta AND Air France, and now provides a hotel shuttle app.  The Shuttle app can be white labeled to look and feel like your personalized hotel app.

You can test the technology for 60 days for free, thereafter, it’s just a minimal monthly subscription fee.

  • Provides needed detail automation for your guest, your hotel staff and your shuttle drivers
  • Reduces the need for incoming calls for airport pickup
  • Provides GPS tracking for all hotel shuttles
  • Provides a safe way of communications for your guest, hotel staff and drivers
  • Improves on timeliness of transportation
  • Provides a better overall guest experience your hotel transportation
  • Provides you with the ability to white label our app to become your app
  • No hidden cost or start up fees

It’s a great tool to help manage your hotel shuttle service.

Think Smart Hospitality – connecting your Guests with their Shuttle Drivers


UTWiz has been at the forefront of providing innovative mobile technology platforms offering operational and management tools to support improvements in-ground transportation mobility. Easily intergraded with any Hotel or Airline API, allowing for schedules to conveniently be loaded into your operating system.


The Hotel portal provides business intelligence of peak shuttle hours, Guest wait times, shuttle passenger counts, travel times from terminal to terminal, live traffic, and a birdseye view of your hotel shuttle fleet.


Our apps are custom built for a generation used to tapping on their phones to hail their transport. We connect your guests to your transport in the easiest possible way.


Guests sharing their feedback gives your Hotel the ability to proactively address a Guest’s concern before they take to Social Media. Use Guest Feedback to recognize good behavior and address areas that need improvement.


UTGo App

UTGo App – It’s easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Guests select Hotel,
  2. Guests select route (to /from Airport)
  3. Guests select the nearest Shuttle or pre-book a shuttle (vehicle location on map along with driver details will be instantly be available to the Guest).

UTCrew App

Airline Crew Members select Airport and flight number automatically their assigned transport provider, along with their driver’s name, vehicle type and picture of both vehicle and driver will appear. With one tap, Crew Members are able to alert their driver that they are on location and ready for pick up. For those early morning or late evening flights, UTCrew improves Crew Member’s safety by giving them visibility and transparency into who is picking them up, and where.

CrewzIt App

When you sign up with UTWiz your shuttles are visible to crew members using CrewzIt.. The CrewzIt Mobile Application is designed to provide airline crew a simpler way to access their schedules, hotels and transport. An all-in one crew app.

  • Crew members can access and manage:
    • Airline schedules – Allow users to view their schedules
    • Crew pairings – Co-workers on the same flight and transport
    • Hotel Reservations – Unique hotel offerings for their airline
    • Ground transportation Reservation – Driver contact, vehicle location on map
    • Feedback – Users can rate their hotels and transportation providers

White Labeling

for Hotel Chains

White label the UTShuttle App to customize the look and feel of the app to showcase your hotel and its amenities.

Route Management

for Efficiency

Drivers are able to delete stops for their current routes, and they can add guests or crew reservations for a particular route.

Monitoring System

Adds Value

All stakeholders are able to monitor the shuttle – hotel guests and crew use an app, airline and hotel managers use a portal for live monitoring.


Transport tools for hotels

Our portal for hotel transport managers is integrated with airline scheduling. Jobs for hotel shuttles are created and sent into the UTShuttle driver app. Users get a view into the location of each hotel shuttle on a map, and an accurate ETA is delivered to the hotel guest app.

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