UTWiz Kiosks at airports lets crew members and tour groups e-hail their buses to the curbside – thereby reducing congestion outside terminals.
Elevate Service

Crew and tour groups cut down on waiting time at the curb. They use the kiosks to send out a message to the driver that they are ready.

Business Intelligence

By using the UTWiz Airport Kiosks, you are bale to capture records of average airline crew wait time, transporter on time reports, etc.

Automate Traffic Management

The kiosk connects to a supervisor app on a tablet, and allows traffic supervisors to view empty slots and the next allocated vehicles for the slots.

Connect to Drivers

All drivers of commercial vehicles that enter your airport are recorded and they stay at the parking/holding lot till they are e-hailed.

Better Service

When you implement the airport kiosk system, you provide a better service at your airport by reducing wait times and enhancing transparency.

Ongoing Evolution

As business and technology develops, we keep updating the airport kiosk app with new functionalities to improve your passenger services.