We have software products for airlines, transporters, hotels and airport authorities

UTWiz uses apps to communicate with mobile work-forces and converts live location from these apps to fuel business intelligence for airlines, transporters, hotels and airport authorites.


Airlines send schedules to UTWiz in any format. Airline crew members download the free UTCrew app, or they may access our transport data on their existing airline app (via API integration).

Airline crew members are able to use their app to locate their driver and vehicle location at any hotel or airport that their airline fly to.



Hotel transport manager, or hotel aggregator sends the crew schedule for that hotel or for that hotel chain – in any format.

UTWiz processes the schedule data and converts it into reservations that are then pushed into the Hotel Shuttle Driver’s App.

Airline crew members waiting at the airport for their hotel shuttle to arrive can use their app to view the real-time location of their shuttle on a map along with other ride details.



Transport companies take less than an hour to set up their company and operational details on the web based UTLite.

UTWiz sends their reservations for crew into the dispatch screen, and jobs from this screen can be dispatched directly to the driver app – UTRover.

Driver accept jobs and this information is passed on to the crew apps so that crew can locate their driver/vehicle in real time.



Airports need to optimize their curb spaces outside terminals to reduce passenger wait times. UTWiz uses kiosks, crew apps, and monitors at airports to allow tour groups and crew to e-hail their vehicle to the curb.

Airline need to manage traffic outside the terminals. Drivers of crew and tour buses wait in the holding or parking lots till their passengers are ready to board.