With the UTGo shuttle bus app, commuters are able to request a ride and track shuttles to get an ETA.
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Accurate Arrival Time

Get your live vehicle location on a map so that you can time yourself to reach the shuttle/bus stop when your vehicle is arriving.

Find Your Stop

Commuters who are new to that location get a view of the nearest bus/shuttle stop and get walking directions to the stop.

Send Feedback

You tell us your likes and your preferences, and the transporter and your hotel/institution will view and act on your transport feedback.

Hotel Chain Coverage

The UTGo app works for hotel guests at all locations for that hotel chain, so that you do not have to call each property for a shuttle.

Hotel Shuttle Integration

The UTGo app works for multiple hotels across different hotel chains, and you can request a ride on the app for any connected hotel.

Ongoing Evolution

As business and technology develops, we keep updating our UTGo shuttle and bus tracking app with new features and functionalities.