UTWiz Technologies LLC – Terms & Conditions

By visiting this website, or by using the apps and the management portals from UTWiz, the following terms automatically apply to you – so we recommend that you read them carefully before using the UTWiz apps – namely UTCrew, UTGo, UTRover, and UTShuttle; and before using the UTWiz portals, namely UTLite for ground transporters, UTAirlines for airline managers, UTPartners for hotel aggregators, UTHotels for hotels and hotel chains, and UTAdmin for administrators of UTWiz.

    • You are not permitted to modify or copy the app or any part of the app. The UTWiz apps, and all the trade marks, copyright, database rights and other intellectual property rights related to it, belong to UTWiz Technologies LLC.
    • Once you register on UTWiz or use any of the UTWiz smartphone apps or web portals – in part or in full or a white-labelled version at any location – UTWiz Technologies LLC retains the right to use your business name and logo while advertising its list of customers.
    • The apps from UTWiz are specifically for personal use by airline crew, airline employees, ground transport company managers, partners, and the drivers of on-demand transport or shuttles; you cannot assign another person as an additional user to your UTWiz account.
    • UTWiz apps may contain links to other apps that are maintained by third parties, and UTWiz does not have any control over the veracity of any information or services on any third-party apps. The users of UTWiz may access third party apps at their own discretion and for their own convenience.
    • By agreeing to the terms and conditions on this page, the user agrees to indemnify UTWiz Technologies LLC and its suppliers from and against any and all liabilities, expenses (including attorney’s fees) and damages arising out of claims resulting from user’s use of this app.
    • By agreeing to the terms and conditions on this page, the user automatically agrees to the terms of the privacy policy of UTWiz for storing or processing the user’s personal data.
    • UTWiz retains the right to make any changes to this app or to charge for its services at any time and for any reason.
    • UTWiz is not responsible for any malfunctioning of the app due to the presence of ay virus or malware on the user’s phone.
    • UTWiz Technologies LLC is a provider of software solutions, and it is not liable or responsible for any insurance coverage, or vehicle condition, or service level of the drivers of the contracted ground transporters.
    • Certain functions on the apps, such as the ability to ‘download a schedule’, receive ‘updates and notifications’, or ‘send a feedback’ will all require the app to have an active internet connection. UTWiz does not undertake any responsibility for the working of all of the functionalities of the app if the user does not have data connectivity or access to Wi-Fi.
    • UTWiz is not responsible for any costs resulting from use of the app, such as data connectivity costs, data roaming costs or any costs associated with using any of the UTWiz apps outside of an area with Wi-Fi. The user is responsible for all data charges arising from usage of the mentioned apps.
    • The UTWiz apps are tools to enhance communications and transfer of information, but it does not replace direct information provided to the user by the airline. UTWiz endeavours to ensure that the information on the app is updated and correct at all times, but there is no guarantee of accuracy because UTWiz relies on several third parties (airlines, hotel aggregators) to provide information for the apps. Therefore, UTWiz accepts no liability for any direct or indirect loss that a user experiences as a result of relying wholly on the information and the functionality of the UTWiz apps.
    • UTWiz Technologies LLC retains the right to update the apps or make changes to it at any point of time. The users are responsible for downloading all updates if they want to keep using all of the features and functionalities on the apps. UTWiz is not responsible for any malfunctioning of the apps or the portals if the user has not updated the apps or browser to a current version. By accepting the terms and conditions on this page, the user automatically accepts the terms and conditions governing all future changes or updates to the UTWiz apps or web based portals.
    • UTWiz retains the right to stop providing any or all services on the apps, and may terminate its production or use of the portal or apps at any time without giving notice of termination to the user.